Documenting Canada’s Elevators

Jordan Lowe, a friend of “Unstoppable” Tracy Schmitt (the inspirational speaker who gave her fascinating story at the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association Annual Convention, covered in the September issue), is an avid elevator photographer and videographer. He posts regular updates of “elevator tours” from across Canada to his YouTube channel and has an active elevator-related Facebook page. Have a look and engage in industry discussion with this real elevator enthusiast!

3 thoughts on “Documenting Canada’s Elevators

  1. Loved the warm reception at the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association Annual Convention and love you are celebrating my friend Jordan!! Please do follow us both as adoring elevator enthusiasts! You can find me #unstoppabletracy on all social media with that # hashtag. Need a mind blowing Speaker to celebrate your phenomenal efforts? Reach out Positive thoughts to all of you difference makers #unstoppabletracy

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