62,000 miles high: time to stop elevator abuse

TriValleyCentral.com recently reran a tongue-in-cheek column combining thoughts on the space elevator and the elevator-door-close button. Written by humorist Dave Barry in 2003, the column looks at what the author sees as the absurdity of a 62,000-mile-tall elevator and the supposed uselessness of the close-door button, plus his readers’ answer to people who hold up the elevator by standing in the doorway talking to passengers still in the car. His solution not only doesn’t meet code, it would probably be a felony in most jurisdictions.


While more and more people are advocating research into the space elevator, most thought this idea was only found in the realm of science fiction when Barry wrote his column in 2003. However, always on the cutting edge, ELEVATOR WORLD ran a feature on the space elevator written by Terri Wagner way back in January 2001. And the August 1985 issue included a letter to the editor on the subject from John E. Magee of the Elevator Research Co. in New York City — although he ended his missive with the comment, “Let us pray: That we don’t have to ‘pull rails’ for such a geosynchronous monster.”


You can read this column by clicking here

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