A Walk In The Park

Elevator World has always been community mindedbut when a city park across the street from our office became a haven for drug activity and crime due to inactivity, we took action. The EW offices have been in its current location for more than 30 yearsand this area has grown tremendously over this time, specifically with more families moving in.  Public Safety Memorial Park comprises 10.5 acres and was named in honor of our city’s fallen public safety servants, yet it was empty and unattractive.    

So, in 2004, EW founded a non-profit organization called Your P.A.R.K. (Public Access & Recreation for Kids) Project. The mission of this project is to bring the community together, improve the image of our city and help to increase the popularity of this area by drawing positive attention to its facilities and atmosphere, while serving as a high-visibility site for community events.  Through fundraising projects, grants and local community support, we have been able to provide a clean, safe and multi-purpose park for the residents of our city to enjoy.  In fact, over $200,000 has been raised.

Below are a few photographs of the improvements to date.  My favorite parts of the park are the swings and rock climb (although I have yet to make it to the top).  Elevator World urges everyone to take part in volunteer projects in their own communities.  Feel free to share with us any projects in which your company has been involved and we just may highlight it on this blog! 

 ParkPark 2

Park 1   Park5

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