Advertising, Elevators and A Shaved Head!

Making the elevator riding experience more enjoyable nowadays seems to mean more than just a mechanic making a service call. Elevators themselves have become a work of art. For instance, just check out the July 2005, October 2008 and March 2009 covers of ELEVATOR WORLD magazine.

Now, in the age of advertising, larger companies are looking at alternative forms of advertising to get their message across and it seems like most anything is up for grabs. In fact, some marketers are buying advertising space on people! That’s right, for $325 a week all you would have to do is walk around with a temporary tattoo advertising this company on your body. Sounds like a good gig, right? Well, did I mention you have to shave your head and display the tattoo on the back for up to one month? Still interested?

By the look of things, more and more companies are seeing the value of advertising in, on and around elevators. As a matter of fact, just recently at United in Orlando, companies had the opportunity to sponsor the elevators. It’s a great concept. Just think of how many people are on and off them everyday. I noticed them immediately. Aside from the visibility factor, the moving doors and multiple elevators really give marketers a great canvas to get really creative.

The other day I came across a blog that had a page dedicated to some unique advertising in elevators. You can view them here. The next time you spot something as unique as these, send us a picture and we will either highlight it on this blog or in the magazine (giving you credit of course!). Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading to my barber to get my head saved.

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