Always Be Prepared….

….you never know what might happen on your next trip to the office.  As Bob Dylan once sang, The Times, They Are A-Changin’.  The Wall Street Journal has a good read about how elevator rides are changing. CEOs are exempt in some buildings, taking elevator rides apart from the worker bees and foiling plans for face time.  On the other hand, some elevators are being built so the most senior executives can punch into the computer that they would like to see certain employees upon arrival. Workers can then be rerouted to supervisors’ floors on a whim, and arrival and departure times can be tracked and reported.  This could be coming to an office building near you soon (or it may have already).  Doesn’t seem like your cup of tea?  I guess you could take the stairs.  It’s good exercise anyway.  Hopefully you do not work on floors 25 and up.  If so, you may need to start your morning commute a little earlier.

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