An elevator operator, with fans


Meet LaKish Washington, apparently one of the biggest stars at the TD Gardens arena in Boston, MA (USA) where the National Hockey League Boston Bruins play.  She’s funny, energetic, passionate about her job, and takes a personal interest in those riding her elevator.  That’s right, she is the elevator operator.  She is a big enough star with her “fans” (or riders) that the The Boston Globe wrote this article and produced a short video about her just this week.  It’s a good read.

In a world filled with people too plugged in to pay much attention to anyone else, in a sports complex where the stars earn millions to her hourly wage, Washington’s gift is simple: She makes her passengers feel taken care of. And she does it in less than the two minutes it takes for even the longest trip: from floor 2 to floor 9, where many of the Garden’s guests with disabilities sit.

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