According to theatermania.com another suspense film about elevators is set to hit the silver screen soon.  The movie focuses on nine strangers who find themselves trapped high above Manhattan with someone who has a bomb.  After I read about this new movie I immediately thought “I know we have talked about elevators/escalators in movies on this blog before”.   

Well, I did some digging and we have talked about elevators/escalators & movies on this blog…. a good bit.  Let’s take a virtual walk down memory lane:

Hey, there is a  Devil on the elevator!

Who is that in the elevator shaft?

Is that your Final Destination?        

Are you Down?

And, I am sure that we will be talking about a new movie sometime in the near future.  But, in the meantime, what do you all think draws movie producers to use or center on elevator/escalators within their films?  Is it because many people view the elevator/escalator as uneventful (thanks to our well skilled mechanics and others) in relation to other forms of transportation and this is the filmmakers way to “spice it up”?  Or, maybe the elevator provides the “closterfobic” fear to the max.  Thoughts?          

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