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Just last week, Lee blogged about a sly fox that was seen riding an escalator in the London Underground.  Well, the other day, an escalator in a Washington D.C. Metro subway became the scene of a unique situation that involved a ”bird of prey”.  As everyone knows, due to unsafe riding habits, every so often a foot gets caught in an escalator. Usually, the culprit is a shoe lace or a flip-flop.  On Monday, it was a bird’s talon!

The Washington D.C. fire department spokesman Pete Piringer says rescuers were called to the Benning Road station in northeast Washington shortly after 8 a.m. Monday. A large bird of prey — possibly a hawk or a falcon — had its foot stuck in the escalator.  A portion of the escalator had to be dismantled in order to free the bird.  And, fortunately, the bird was not seriously injured and quickly flew away. 

Elevator World, Inc., carries several books and videos tailored to emergency personnel who have the all-important job of helping others in emergency situations that involve elevators and escalators.  However, I am pretty sure a chapter on “proper extraction of an eagle talon” isn’t covered.    

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