Austin Construction Projects on the Rise

As a native of Austin, I am (was) very familiar with the downtown area’s high-rise buildings because there were not many. But, having lived in Mobile, Alabama for the last seven years, I have not seen much of Austin’s new construction until recently. Residential construction is dominating the downtown area, especially near the “Warehouse District,” which as its name states used to be the area of the city that housed the warehouses. Today, the district is comprised of some of the city’s best restaurants and bars, many of which are in the renovated warehouse buildings.

In this New York Times article, the author discusses several of the city’s current construction projects. The project pictured is in one of my favorite areas of the city (Third and Brazos streets). Well, it might not be my current favorite area due to the construction, but once the residential building (name unknown) is complete, I am sure the area will be restored to its former relaxed environment. Stay tuned for information about the elevator company that will be equipping this mid-rise with what I am sure will be excellent pieces of equipment. And, if I know Austin, the elevators and perhaps escalators, will feature some of the elevator industry’s more energy-efficient technology.


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