Sydney hotel elevators attempt to set the mood, get the party started

QT Sydney

QT Sydney, a boutique hotel in the capitol city of New South Wales, Australia, not only has exposed brick, ambient lighting, mid-century modern furniture and tattooed, hipster barbers, it also has elevators that — depending on your mood — could come off as obnoxious and embarrassing or fun and hilarious. Numerous news outlets have made note of the elevators, which have sensors in them that match the music to the time of day and number of people in the elevator (“All By Myself” for example for a solo rider, “Just the Two of Us” if two people are riding, and toe-tappers such as “U Can’t Touch This” for crowded elevators at night.) The website observed that one might enjoy dance music blasting in a cab full of passengers after a night out drinking, but that songs like “You’ve Got a Friend” during a pre-coffee, a.m. ride with a stranger could be a bit awkward.

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