Making Office Buildings Attractive

It can be hard to make office buildings attractive enough for people to want to cluster in them in big cities these days, but Parkside Realty has done all it can to make return to the 12-story Fulton East in Chicago’s Fulton Market worry-free. The elevator space is the first one to see COVID-19-preventing updates, starting with touch-free operation so passengers don’t have to touch what Bob Wislow, chairman and CEO of Parkside Realty, calls “the germiest place in a building.” Check out the video above and ABC 7‘s article on the building to learn more about how the pandemic modified its construction plans and the interesting air- and surface-purifying systems it uses.

Passenger Tips and More

Lonnie Mackenzie, owner of Abco Elevator in Regina, Canada, posted a video that offers “three tips for a germ-free elevator ride,” CTV News reported. The article also rounds up a lot of the new technology and procedures we’ve been reporting about in ELEVATOR WORLD since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Check out the Abco video channel on Vimeo to see three other interesting, recent videos by and about the company.