Geometric Greatness

photo by Trond Joelson, Byggeindustrien

The unique architecture in the Deichman Bjørvika (New Deichmanske Main Library) in Oslo, Norway, is complemented by custom escalator installations. “Significant parts of the architectural expression consists of exposed concrete surfaces,” a translation of the source reads. “The three shafts for elevators, stairs and technical guides have special geometric designs. Two of the shafts have hexagonal outer shapes, while one is eleven-square. The slide casing began in early 2017 and was carried out by 60 people over a 12-day period.”

In addition to its main purpose as a library, the enormous (19,260 m²) facility is meant to be “a vibrant meeting place and a charging station for cultural experiences.” See many more photos of the beautiful building (next door to the Oslo Opera House) in this article by Byggeindustrien.

Protocols Take Precedence

Donny Ramsuchit in an undated photo at the Brooklyn Veterans Administration Medical Center.

A recent New York Daily News article helped me answer some questions I had about the ways in which maintenance mechanics have been pulled from all directions during the coronavirus pandemic. There’s much less danger in our spacious Mobile, Alabama, headquarters, so we have little more than a taste of what Donny Ramsuchit (pictured above at the Brooklyn Veterans Administration Medical Center) has to go through during these times.

The short piece gives a peek into the life of a man who is working hard to keep a 19-story hospital fully functional, so please take the time to check it out and reflect on the story. As always, thank you, elevator people, for providing your essential services!