“B” Leads to Bones: Elevator Vandal Earns Praise in Seattle

Elevator vandalism can be both funny and informative, so says Rich Smith on Slog, the blog for the Seattle alternative weekly newspaper The Stranger. In a recent entry titled “Bless This Light Rail Angel for Helpfully Vandalizing the Elevators in the Capitol Hill Station,” Smith thanks the person who took poor signage in the “labyrinthine underworld” otherwise known as the Seattle light-rail transit system into his or her own hands by making DIY labels for the formerly cryptic elevator buttons. Riders such as Smith now know that S button takes them to the Street, M takes them to the Middle, P takes them to the Trains and B — well, the B button is labeled “?” Mr. Smith theorizes pressing that button will take you to Bones. Find out what B really stands for by reading his Slog entry.

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