Better Late Than Never

It’s hard for me to believe, but we haven’t talked about Elevator Schmelevator here yet. This fun blog from Phoenix Modular Elevator in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, is, as the owners say, focused on educating people who utilize elevator maintenance and repair services. It’s been using its unique voice (made from a mix of a state-level view with a broader one) since January 2015!

One of the many elevator selfies on the long-running Tumblr Ashensori Ka Trafik

The site’s latest post caught our eye when it linked to one of ours. It brought the Tumblr Ashensori Ka Trafik (according to Google, Albanian for “Elevator Has Traffic”) to our attention. Just one example of selfie-takers taking advantage of nice mirrors in elevators to document their lives, outfits and more, it opens up several questions Elevator Schmelevator touches on. These include “Are we all that self-absorbed?” and, to paraphrase, “Are some big, fancy mirrors hiding a serious problem in or lack of maintenance of the elevator?” The blog gives some great suggestions for helping building owners and passengers cope with slow elevators and, most importantly, do the right thing and put safety first.

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