Budget Cuts & The Elevator Operator

Just last week, after cleaning out my travel bag, I came upon a copy of an article I printed out several months back.  Unfortunately, I only printed the article and cannot find the source.  However, if I remember correctly, it was actually a blog posted by a former U.S. politician.

The post centers around budget cuts during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan and how bureaucrats would use all means necessary to find the needed funding to restore these programs and/or jobs.  The article goes on to talk about some of the strange and virtually unknown government programs that were becoming deeply affected, and one just happened to center on the elevator industry.  The post reads as follows:

One of the great stories about how turf-protecting bureaucrats react to proposed budget cuts involved the elevator operator at the Washington Monument. The story was that if anyone raised the possibility of cutting the budget for the Department of the Interior, the first person whose job would be cut would be that poor elevator operator. Visitors to the Monument then would have to climb all of the 897 steps to the top — and would complain to their elected representatives, who would cave in and restore the funding.

The elevator operator may have been forgotten by our generation but at least the government understands their true value! Of course, the bureaucrats, who seem to have someone else always doing their work, couldn’t possibly understand the complexities of a car-operating panel!

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