Explaining Pulleys and Counterweights

Machine Design 101: Pulleys and Counterweights
Pulleys and the forces involved in each design; image from Prolineserver/Wikimedia via Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering is a great site for learning the basics about engineering principles. In “Machine Design 101: Pulleys and Counterweights,” these devices so important to elevator systems. “In typical elevators, there is a counterweight attached to the other end of the pulley system equivalent to about the weight of the car at 50% loading,” it explains. “Counterweights don’t do all of the work in modern elevators, but they help stabilize the system and reduce the load on the elevator motor.”

More recently, Interesting Engineering reported on the elevator world, including this post on the Bailong elevator in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, China. For more on this amazing installation, see the October 2014 issue of ELEVATOR WORLD.

Closing the Last Mile Gap in Style

Urban Hub, the interactive platform for people interested in urbanization, energy conservation and mobility, recently published a feature, “Boosting Urban Mobility and Closing the Last-Mile Gap,” which featured an array of beautiful photographs of elevator, escalator and moving-walk installations in Spain that do just that. The article points out that, in transportation planning, if the “first and last miles” of the distance between one’s point of departure or destination and the nearest transportation hub are too great, people will choose private cars over public transportation. The piece shines a spotlight on the vertical, inclined and horizontal systems in Vigo, Spain, that “go beyond the basic mile, [and] are often the primary means of travel in this hilly city.” A thyssenkrupp installation in Vigo, Mechanical Ramp of Gran Via Vigo, was actually recognized by us as a 2021 Project of the Year. Check out all the Urban Hub photos, which are heavy on funiculars, here.

Outdoor moving walk in Vitoria-Gasteiz
Inclined elevator in Rio de la Pila in Santander

Shoutout to Colley Elevator Blog

If you haven’t checked out the Colley Elevator Co. Blog, I highly recommend it. The folks at the Chicagoland independent elevator company have been posting interesting content since 2014. Colley Managing Partner Craig Zomchek has been profiled in ELEVATOR WORLD and is one of our regular sources of Chicago-related elevator information. Most recently, he was asked his thoughts for our upcoming Market Trends feature on Chicago in our March issue focus on the city, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks for that! In the meantime, enjoy these pics from the blog’s latest entry, “Elevator Picture Hall of Fame 2020 – Superbowl of Elevators!”