Photo(s) of the Week


So, it’s almost April and many of you still have snow on the ground (and more falling).  But, have you ever needed to use an elevator to transport snow like these University of Iowa employees?  On February 2, a massive winter storm hit Iowa City.  Strong winds caused the heavy snow to blow in and restrict the Carver Biomedical Research Building’s air supply intake.  There was so much impacted snow that employees had to move it out of the building by using large bins and the elevators!

By the way, there is no snow to report (or transport) here in the South Alabama region (U.S.A.), home of Elevator World, Inc.  Below is a photo taken just this past weekend.  Welcome spring!


Escalator Advertisements

Brad’s talked about crazy forms of advertising here on EW Unplugged! before, and I’d like to follow that up by showing you some interesting pictures of advertising on escalators here and here. Encountering these in real life, there’s no way to not notice. Expect to see over-the-top, eye-catching ideas all over as advertising departments continue to push the envelope on our industry’s equipment!

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