Cleaning The Escalator

Okay, so this video was probably about 20 seconds to long and rather silly. But there are lessons to be learned here. Do not try this! When I first saw this video I laughed. However, I believe that this could become a dangerous situation. There are many companies out there who specialize in this service and utilize special machinary to complete the job SAFELY!

Until then, check out this video on how to clean the glass on a moving walkway/sidewalk.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning The Escalator

  1. You’re right, there are companies that specialize in cleaning escalator steps on-site. We not only remove the dirt, but also degrease the treads and risers. For more information, check out Escalator Step Cleaning Service, near Chicago, for more information –

  2. As unbiased as possible I have seen the results of the work done by the company that Cathy had mentioned in her reply. The work is dirty, hard, yet their equipment and personnel are A#1

    Now if I only had an escalator I need cleaned

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