Corduroy Rides an Escalator

The beloved children’s book, Corduroy by Don Freeman, tells the story of a teddy bear who patiently waits for someone to buy him from a toy store in a large department store. One day, a girl named Lisa walks by with her mother. She really wants to have Corduroy but her mother says that they’d already spent enough money that day, and besides, the bear’s overalls were missing a button. Corduroy hadn’t realized that he was missing a button. So once everyone left and the store closed, he decided to go looking for his missing button.




Corduroy climbs on a bed and, thinking he’d found his lost button, tries to pull one of the mattress’s buttons off. He succeeds but the force of pulling so hard sends him and the button flying, knocking over a lamp in the process. The security guard hears a noise, finds Corduroy and returns him to his shelf, without his button. The next morning, Lisa comes to the store with her piggy bank and buys Corduroy. She brings him into her room. Corduroy says that it doesn’t look like a palace, but this must be home. Lisa sews a button on his shoulder strap, and both of them, having finally found a friend, hug each other.

I think the book illustrates the fact that we don’t know our own personal faults, and even though we may ascend to the top, there are things we can’t do for ourselves. We need the grace of friendship with another to change and fulfill us.

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