Dizzying Heights: PBS “Super Skyscrapers” Explores Engineering, Environmental Challenges of Building World’s Tallest

Shanghai Tower at night in on December 4, 2014.  Photo by TheDarkCurrent

Shanghai Tower at night on December 4, 2014. Photo by TheDarkCurrent

A new PBS series, Super Skyscrapers, explores the mind-boggling engineering and environmental challenges of building supertall buildings such as One World Trade Center and the Shanghai Tower. The shows provide an in-depth look at construction workers going above and beyond to deliver their projects safely and on-time, which frequently involves walking or dangling thousands of feet above ground.  The elevator industry is no stranger to these impressive buildings, with OEMs such as ThyssenKrupp Elevator (One World Trade Center) and Mitsubishi Electric (Shanghai Tower) custom-designing amazing vertical-transportation systems for these amazing buildings.


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