Does The Sink Work?

This is only one of the questions employees at Elevator World have been asking in the last few months as renovations have been taking place throughout the property. The most recent was an overhaul of the kitchen in the commercial building. From my desk just outside the door to the kitchen, I have had a front row seat on the daily changes. From new flooring and countertops to a new refrigerator it was all well needed and much appreciated. However, it made for an interesting two weeks as we were unsure whether it was safe to use the sink or leave anything in the refrigerator. It was also a daily scavenger hunt for items ranging from coffee supplies to the recycling bin.

While this was going on, the interior of the administration building was being repainted. This led to a constant search for administration staff as well. Torri, our IT/Web manager, was finally located using the server room for a makeshift office. Jeanna, our Financial/Human Resource Associate, was found behind a  row of filing cabinets that had been moved away from the wall in her office.

The editorial bathroom has been returned to service for a few weeks now. When the process first began, we thought the editorial department was having a lot of closed door meetings.  We soon found out they were just trying to escape construction sounds while the work was being done.

For now it’s back to life as normal at Elevator World. Everything has been reassembled, and everyone is back at their own desk. Oh, and I’m happy to announce to the world, the sink does work now!


Graphic Design Associate

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