Elevator girl

Apparently there is a TV show called “Elevator Girl.” I saw a commercial for it and figured it was a new series so I thought I would look into it. However, I found that it has actually been around for a couple of years… According to the Hallmark Channel:

Two young people — a successful lawyer whose career is moving fast and a free-spirited woman with a carefree approach to life — meet when they’re stuck in a broken elevator.  Despite their very different lifestyles, sparks fly and they hit it off immediately.  But will love allow them to embrace each other’s flaws? Stars Lacey Chabert and Ryan Merriman.”

Elevator Girl







If you think about all the movies and TV shows you’ve seen, there are probably many that have memorable scenes in elevators. Some recent movies, such as “Devil” even take place in an elevator. I can’t decide if the use of elevators in entertainment is based on one’s creativity or is Hollywood running out of material? Either way, the industry appreciates the publicity.


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