Elevator Repair Tools = Serious Business

A Wichita, Kansas, building was evacuated and several streets blocked off last Thursday due to a “suspicious” unattended briefcase in the building’s lobby. Though it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think it was a little extreme for an elevator repair kit?


1 thought on “Elevator Repair Tools = Serious Business

  1. no, l don’t, since it happened to me in about 1974 when I worked at boise city hall as a secretarY for the information desk in the main lobby. The elevator repair man left a strange briefcase by the elevator doors for at least an hour. We had just been trained on bomb awareness and reporting strange suitcases. .after trying to find out why it was there I called the fire department and they came and if I remember right cleared the building. Then they carried the case outside and opened it. Why wasn’t someone like .me who directed foot traffic for city hall told that the elevator was being repaired? The firemen won’t take chances with livees

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