Elevator riders welcome uplifting TV fare

The country’s political divide became too much recently for workers in a downtown Sacramento, California, office tower, so they asked the management to change the channel on the elevators’ televisions from 24-hour cable news to … well, just about anything else. CBS13 reports that workers at the U.S. Bank Tower on Capitol Mall “expressed an interest in watching something that did not provoke stress or anxiety during their work day,” according to a news release from building management. The TV station spoke with several elevator riders who welcomed the switch. “Yes, it’s a little bit less stressful,” said Sara Lopez, who works in the 25-story building. “It makes the rise a little more enjoyable.”  So at least for now, instead of being brought down by bickering politicians, these elevator riders are tuned in to the more uplifting programming of the National Geographic Channel.


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