Elevator Tweet

Last week, on the social media site Twitter, Conan O’Brien tweeted…..

“You know that button in the elevator with a fireman’s hat on it? Turns out that’s NOT the button you push to order a fireman’s hat.”

Hey, he is a comedian and that is funny.  However, for this industry and firefighters alike, elevator operation during fires is a serious issue.  Specifically, Phase I and II of the ASME A17 code (U.S.).  To stress the importance, NAESA even made this issue the focal point of their 2010 Annual Workshop.  If you would like more information on these regulations please check out our selection of Codes & Standards or the following books for Emergency Personnel:

Elevator Rescue & Fire Service Operation

Elevator & Escalator Rescue:  A Comprehensive Guide

Elevator Evacuation Guideline

Firefighting Operations in High-Rise & Standpipe-Equipped Buildings

Stay safe out there!

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