Elevator/Escalator Tweets of the Week


Next time you’re in an elevator with a stranger, say “I’m sorry it couldn’t work out between us.”

“The elevators are broken and you’re not allowed to use the stairs in this hotel, not sure that’s legal”

“This guy in the elevator asked for my number so I wrote it on his arm. Apparently he meant which floor, so that was awkward.”

“Nothing in my life has ever been as important as pressing the elevator floor button is to my 3 year old.”

“I’m old enough to remember I hated elevator music the first time they played it…”

“I’ve never taken an elevator to the basement floor, that’s just beneath me.”

“U are standing in front of D elevator on the ground floor and they ask:- Going up? A: No, am waiting 4 my apartment to come down and get me”

“The escalator at the mall today is the exact place where my personal space went to die.”

“well that escalated quickly” I said as I stepped off the escalator

“How are 3 elevators out of order & the stairs door is locked .. Want me to throw a rope & climb up or something?”

“It’s a special kind of stupid to stop right at the bottom of a crowded escalator to check your cell phone. #technologyinthewronghands

“We have ribbon cutting ceremonies for elevators now? Come on Boston…”

“I estimated, based on nothing in particular, an “un-press” function on elevators could save millions a year due to accidental presses.”

“525,600 minutes is actually the amount of time I’ve spent trying to avoid conversation about the weather on elevators.”


NYC Subway Service: Check the status of the elevator or escalator you use before you leave home. Know Before You Go! http://bit.ly/8E3KO5

Oregon State Football: O-Line celebrating Christmas stuck in the elevator on the 3rd floor! #BigGuyProblems http://instagr.am/p/TrLzkIkFsH/

I bet not many people have pieces of elevators just chilling in their garage ..  pic.twitter.com/I6nhsaCN

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  1. The man asked for the 7th floor, so I press the 2nd and 5th buttons and said, “that should add up”. Home Elevator

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