Elevator World – An Awesomely Titled Magazine

For those of you in “the industry” I would hope that when you see the name ELEVATOR WORLD magazine you think of things such as “a trusted and well-respected source of information” or a “great educational resource for my job”.  But, when I tell my friends, family or even people I meet socially (the “outsiders”) where I work and what I do I always get the same line: “There’s a magazine for elevators?”  After I further explain the history of elevators/escalators, how they affect our daily life, and the need for education of safety, maintenance, installation, engineering and even legal aspects, they begin to understand the value the magazine can provide.

This week, I was sent a web link to an article that outlined 20 Awesomely Titled Trade Magazines.  My first reaction was “There’s an article about that?”.  However, I opened the link and to my surprise our very own ELEVATOR WORLD was #1 on the list.  That’s right, we are awesome and have this article to prove it!


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