ELEVATOR WORLD Annual General Meeting

Each year, our elected board of directors and guests meet with ELEVATOR WORLD company officers to discuss progress of and happenings within the company over the past year and the vision for its future. This year, the meetings took place on April 27-28 in our home city of Mobile, Alabama.

Much was gained from the two-day event, and new ideas for the future have already spawned excitement and optimism. On the last day of the meetings, our directors were welcomed back to the EW office for a reception that included coffee, cake and fresh fruit. EW staff members were then able to mingle with directors and share a few laughs and insight.

Our directors and guests travel to these meetings from all over the U.S. and Germany, and we would like to thank each of them for their time, dedication and invaluable input.

Board of directors:

Bob Denniston – Wright Green P.C.
Don Charest – Charest Company, LLP
Jo Chateau – Dudley, Chateau & Cox P.C
Richard Baxter – Richard E. Baxter & Associates, LLC
Martha Hulgan – MMH & Associates, LLC Elevator Consulting
George W. Gibson – George W. Gibson & Associates
Dave Turner – Davis L. Turner & Associates
Paul Horney – Innovation Industries, Inc.
Achim Hütter – Hütter Aufzüge, GmbH


John Koshak – Elevator Safety Solutions, Inc.
Dr. John White – TechWrite, Inc.





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