Elevators Figure Big in “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Wes Anderson’s recent movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” takes you into the refined and half-forgotten world of interwar European luxury hotels. The famous concierge, Gustave H, and his young protégé, Zero Moustafa, navigate a complex world of wealthy widows, greedy heirs, violent soldiers, and lethal henchmen. Much of the action happens in and around a grand Hungarian hotel. A number of scenes show Gustave and Zero, together with a human car operator, escorting guests up and down the building in an elevator. The hotel features a large funicular that Zero rides to deliver the shocking news of Madame D’s death. During Gustave’s daring escape from prison, one of his fellow escapees squeezes into a dumbwaiter to escape. There is a tense scene where Agatha, Zero’s girlfriend, finds herself in the same elevator with a car operator and Dmitri, the villain who is trying to kill Gustave. Visit Elevator World’s online museum to find out more about these early 20th century building transportation machines at www.theelevatormuseum.org.

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