Escalator Plays Role in New Movie

It’s not a movie I plan to see (horror is not on my list of favorite film genres by a long shot), but a recently released movie does have two things of interest to the staff at ELEVATOR WORLD.

With a plot based on a series of dramatic deaths, The Final Destination includes a scene in which a young woman is killed when she is drawn into the machinery of an escalator. In fact, I understand this scene is highlighted in the movie’s trailer. This premise brings out mixed emotions for me — sort of a glass-half-full/half-empty dilemma. On the one hand, the scene does not exactly show the vertical-transportation industry in a good light, what with one of our products gobbling up the aforementioned heroine in distress. However, this scene may also make people be more safety conscious when riding an escalator (especially young people, many of whom both make up the bulk of the viewers of these types of movies and the riders who “act up” on escalators).

We would love to hear from those of you who have seen the movie (or at least the trailer). What do you think the effect of this scene will be on the escalator-riding public? Will we see the sale of escalators plummet or will it reduce the number of escalator-related accidents decrease? Judging from the number of young people killed or injured in recent months from escalator falls and entrapments, it probably couldn’t hurt.

Oh, I mentioned two things about The Final Destination in which EW staffers were interested. The second is that some of the scenes were actually shot near Mobile, where Elevator World, Inc. headquarters is located. Several scenes in which a character is killed by a runaway racecar tire were filmed at Mobile International Speedway in suburban Irvington, Alabama.

Of course, neither of these scenes of interest will persuade me to see the movie. While I like Mobile and escalators, I’m not too keen on gory deaths.

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