Escalators Made Even Greener!

Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jay, Malaysia, has turned some of its escalators into an “Oasis Garden,” The Star recently reported. Artificial greenery abounds, while a four-screen LCD display mounted on the wall has an image of running water gushing over rocks. A fountain with benches for people to sit and take photos is at a landing, while 14 speakers immerse riders in the sounds of various rainforest creatures.

In addition to helping soothe people by bringing a little nature to their commute, the installation helps ease the travel to and from the mall and its paraking bays. The “escalators were in a relatively harsh environment without air-conditioning,” Sunway Malls and Theme Parks CEO H.C. Chan explained. “And a mall can be a very crowded place. The garden helps to change the feel and mood of the shoppers, allowing them to experience something soothing, refreshing and therapeutic.”

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