Escalators Under Control, But Can the Robocop use them?

Easily getting the escalators to move in just one direction was just one of many high-tech aids on display at an event at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport last month, CNA reported. Using more than 5,000 sensors, more than 700 closed-circuit TVs and more than 200 mobile devices, the Mozart security platform from Certis makes it all possible. Data from 12 different systems is integrated and analyzed and enables officers to make quick decisions in situations like crowd control and other security situations.

“I think the escalators (are) an interesting point, because nobody expected the crowd watching the (light) show to be so (big). . . . That kind of analytics help us make sure that you got no choice but to make both escalators go up during those timings,” Certis Senior Vice President and head of Certis Aviation Security Benny Lim said of them. He added that, once the crowds have thinned, the escalators are switched back to travel in alternate directions.

But, this feature is far from all the security suite offers. The “PETER” robot, dubbed a “Robocop,” is also on the prowl for parking violators:

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