Fantastic Funicular (Füniküler) in Istanbul

During my recent visit to Istanbul, Turkey for the Asansor Istanbul Exhibition, held March 26-29, I had the opportunity to spend four additional days in this beautiful and historic city.  This was my fourth time to visit Istanbul but each time I discover new and exciting places to visit. Istanbul’s terrain reminds me of the U.S. city of San Francisco, with its steep hills and unique architecture.  My stay the last fews days were spent in the Taksim Square area (European side) that includes lots of shopping, restaurants and nightlife.  Because of my recent visits to Istanbul I had pretty much mastered the Metro (subway/tram) and found it to be the most economical and fastest way to get around the city.  As I headed to the Metro to reach Kabataş, the first stop before I reached my final destination, I quickly found out that my trip first began with a Funicular (or Füniküler in Turkish) ride.  

The Kabataş-Taksim Funicular opened in 2006 and serves about 30,000 passengers a day according to Wikipedia.  I took a little time to video and snap some photos while on my way as it is a really fascinating design that lets the average “rider” see exactly how it works.  I hope you enjoy the video and photos, and will post some additional photos from the city soon.  

In addition, here are a few photos I snapped of the workers building of this project (they were posters hung on the walls near the funicular) and a few more snapshots of the cable system:








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