Friday Funny & Tweets of the Week

@surahrah: S/o to whoever put a couch on the elevator

: Elevators are frequently used in movies. Bet you’ll recognize at least a few of these Hollywood elevator clips!

True or False: If you become trapped in an elevator between floors you’re in danger of falling and should try to…

  Ill never understand the confidence of people who continue their conversation in a crowded elevator.

A guy in work runs out of the elevator & starts makin elephant noises and waving his arm like a trunk and goes “it means seeya in elephant”

  Celebrating Otis’s First Elevator

  2day 1859: The Fifth Avenue Hotel in NYC, a 6-story hotel, is 1st American hotel w/ an elevator.

:  City releases video of convention center escalator accident, changes safety procedures

Although this is not the “real” elevator scene from Spider-Man 2 it is pretty funny!

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