Get married, do business in Stockholm’s globular gondolas if you dare


Skyview, the spherical gondolas that traverse the outer shell of the world’s largest spherical building, Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, offers stunning views of the skyline from 130 m above sea level. While people flock to pop concerts by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga in the globe’s arena, the gondolas are a draw in their own right. According to the Skyview website, you can even arrange to get married or hold a business meeting within one of them, although I don’t see how one could concentrate on PowerPoint presentations and pie graphs in such surroundings. A tour takes approximately 20 minutes — longer, I suppose, if enduring nuptials or a business meeting. Ericsson Globe was inaugurated in 1989. It has has a diameter of 110 m, and its inner height is 85 m. The gondolas were built by ski lift manufacturers in Ostersund, Sweden.



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