Getting Groovy with Otis; Vintage Elevator Gifts on eBay

In brainstorming something to blog today, I thought about the vintage, politically incorrect elevator cartoons and advertisements of yesteryear. I Googled it and found some (that were of the Hustler variety and far too offensive for this blog), but I also found this — a really cool ad for an Otis Escal-Aire escalator. It was on Pinterest, and the poster said he or she found it on eBay and that it was a print ad from 1963. Further research revealed that Otis manufactured the Escal-Aire from approximately 1962 until 1999 or so. The mention of eBay, in turn, prompted me to check out what sort of vintage elevator items are available there. There are quite a few, from Art Deco call-button panels to something as esoteric as a hoistway wiring pipe connector. One of the most interesting items was a car/safety switch and harness from 1910, which could be purchased for US$500. There was also a full, beautifully made Hollister-Whitney elevator car enclosure. Its price? US$2,755.40. Not all of the items are that pricey, though, with many in the US$50 range. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the elevator man (or woman) who has everything elevator-related, I suggest perusing eBay!

This vintage elevator cab enclosure by Hollister-Whitney is on sale on eBay for more than US$2,500.

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