Have a Coke, a Celebrity and a Smile (in an elevator!)

Coca-Cola’s new summer television ad campaign features a top Bollywood female star and a very lucky young waiter. The drama, featuring a spirited dance number, takes place in an elevator. The star, Deepika Padukone, catches the elevator just as the doors are closing with the waiter, carrying a room-service order that includes a bucket of ice-cold Cokes, inside. We then see sparks erupting in the elevator shaft and the unit coming to abrupt halt. The pair relax with some of the Cokes and break into dance. Rather than a traumatic experience, it is clearly one of the best in the waiter’s life. When firefighters show up to rescue the entrapped pair, however, something goes wrong, at least from the waiter’s perspective. Find out what happens by watching the video! There is also a version with a female fan and male Bollywood star, which can be seen here.

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