I’m The Elephant Elevator Operator!

Alright, so let me explain before we go any further and you watch the video below. This past weekend I spent a significant amount of time with my two small nieces. I was asked to watch them for a few hours while their parents (my brother and his wife) took care of some early Christmas shopping. Since it was raining, and college football was on the tube, I thought to myself “piece of cake”. No literally I thought just feed them a piece of cake and break out a board game and I am all set, right? Well, of course I was wrong. After a few hours of playing Angry Birds on my iPhone, coloring everything from grass to Winnie the Pooh and eating cake, I dug through their travel bag and found a Sesame Street DVD (thank you Sesame Street). I set them up nicely in front of the spare television with a blanket, juice and a piece of cake. About 30 minutes later I went to check on them after I heard them yelling something about an elevator – of course this sparked my interest. And, here we go, what we have all been waiting for after suffering through reading this brilliant post. Don’t blame me if you are singing this the rest of the day. Share with your kids, I am sure they will love it. He goes 4321….he goes 1234…..

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