ELEVATOR WORLD recently attended the International Elevator & Escalator Expo Tech Forum in Chennai, India. While there, we had the opportunity to visit some sites around the city, including the nearby Johnson Lifts facilities (which will be featured in the next issue of EW India). Here are some photos from our trip.

TBruce MacKinnon

dsc_0071Preparing for the opening
dsc_0003The opening of the Tech Forum


TAK Matthews — always in style

dsc_0203John K. John provided EWI a tour of the Johnson Lifts facilities.

dsc_0200A photo of Johnson Lifts founder Shri K.J. John hangs in the company’s offices.

dsc_0145Anitha, T.Bruce and Marcello sample the local cuisine.

dsc_0148If you get lost in India, the cabs have Jesus riding with them.



dsc_0164Sites around the city…

dsc_0160Obama is everywhere

dsc_0175Snacks on the street

dsc_0180An informative meeting with KONE India Managing Director A. Sankarakrishnan

dsc_0194Managing Director M.K. Panicker and Head of Marketing Shakir Ahmed provide details about the future of Fujitec in India.

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