Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Mardi GrasNo, we have not started writing our posts in French but around our city, Mobile, AL USA, this term is actually used on a daily basis during the months of January and February.  What does it mean?  Simply, “Let the good times roll!”  It’s Mardi Gras season here and over the last two weeks parades have rolled through the city streets nightly.  Beads, Moon Pies, candy and stuffed animals have been thrown to tens of thousands of rabid revelers.

Most people do not know, or care, but Mobile is the birthplace (1703) of Mardi Gras, not New Orleans, Louisiana.  And, today presents the biggest (and last) day of the season, Fat Tuesday.  Expected crowds in the downtown area are to exceed 200,000.  Parades roll all day and throughout the night.  People are grilling food, socializing with friends and family and enjoying the warm sun and clear blue skies of south Alabama.  In fact, it’s a local government holiday.  City services, public schools and a large majority of businesses are shut down to enjoy this day. 

And, as for me?  Well, I’m looking out the window of my office at that clear blue sky while I am writing this post.  Maybe I will get out the George Foreman grill at lunch and cook up some lean burgers for the handful of others that are here today while we watch the parades online.  That’s pretty close.  I guess.

So, don’t worry, we are here to take your calls and e-mails.  In these tough economic times it’s certainly good for people to get out and enjoy this FREE two-week event and just let the good times roll!

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