Legoland’s Disco Elevator

The two floor elevator ride at the Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad, California is anything but boring.  According to an article on the Travel+Leisure Magazine blog, the walls inside the elevator are decorated with nightclub-ready LEGO characters, a strobe light hangs from the ceilings, and when the doors close, the lava floor panels light up and the music kicks in: ABBA, the BeeGees, the Village People.  Has your mind already visualized that?  Well, if you are having a hard time because it’s too early in the morning, too late in the afternoon, or has just been “that kind of day”, then you are in luck.  Just view the video below for the full effect.

**Summer vacations are just around the corner! If you come across a fun or interesting elevator during your travels send me your videos or photos and we will post them on this blog.  Of course we will give you full credit and shoot you to elevator stardom.

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