Lit Vessel a “Grand and Unprecedented Presence”

New York YIMBY recently reported on the lighting of The Vessel, a 150-foot-tall public sculpture in New York Midtown’s Hudson Yards. Built at a cost of US$150 million, as a “12-month Christmas tree,” it will be open to the public to walk its 2,500 steps and stop on any of its 80 landings, from where various vantage points can capture the burgeoning, massive Hudson Yards development, the Hudson River and more. It’s part of a 5-acre landscaped plaza, all of which is to open next spring.

EW’s own Kaija Wilkinson told me she coincidentally stumbled across The Vessel during its topping-out ceremony on December 6, 2017, when it was unveiled to such pomp and circumstance as playing bands, speaking politicians and displays of huge renderings. It includes an elevator for accessibility. Virtually explore it yourself at its Hudson Yards page.

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