More Chinese Metros: “Stand on Escalators”

Guangzhou’s metro has become the latest in China to establish anew policy of asking riders to stand on both sides of its escalators, reported today. No longer enforcing a “walk left, stand right” rule, staff will now be tasked with making sure riders stay in place, as the Guangzhou Metro stated that if people want to walk, they can use the stairs. The metro hasn’t replied to commenters mentioning a lack of stairs at some locations, though.

The South China Morning Post reported earlier in the year that Nanjing Metro started the trend in the country, mainly because “severe damage” was occurring to the right sides of escalators when most people stood there. However, the Beijing Metro believed only proper maintenance was needed to eradicate that problem.

This news brings up several questions. A few I have are: Is standing on one side really harmful to the equipment? Which is the right way to ride? Will such a change spread to other countries? How will enforcement of such rules take place?

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