More ups than downs

I have worked with Elevator World, Inc. in the editorial department for more than three years now, and I have learned an immeasurable amount of knowledge from the company’s leaders and industry members. When my friends and family ask me what I do at work all day, and how there could possibly be enough information about elevators to have a magazine devoted to it, I usually laugh and then tell them more than they ever wanted to know. I have even been known to brag about the importance of the industry; something of which many people are unaware of. If you ask any of my friends with children, they will tell you that I have shared enough stories with them about child escalator accidents and how to avoid them. I am even doing my master’s thesis on the history of EW, and the importance of the trade magazine. Since my academic focus is print journalism, my research should show how EW’s trade journalism contributes to the industry in which it represents. In order to illustrate my argument, I am examining two issues of EW for each year it has existed – that’s more than 100 issues. I expect to complete my degree this December, so stay tuned.

I got my thesis idea while co-editing the memoir of EW’s founder, William C. Sturgeon, or WCS as some of us call him, which is available on our website ( The purpose of me telling you this is to express my gratitude to EW and WCS. Without the establishment of EW, I wouldn’t have this career, and I may not have had such a solid topic of interest to write my thesis on. And, without the support of my bosses and coworkers, I wouldn’t have the schedule or time to complete such an arduous assignment with a full-time job. This job and this assignment specifically, have been and will remain a very important part of my life. While I am not writing a book review on his memoir, I highly recommend you read More Ups Than Downs.

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