New Products On The Horizon

We have at least three new products due to come out this year and another three or four we are striving to publish in 2010. For this year look for “Traction” by George Gibson, a seminar on CD, to be available this summer. This hour-long lecture will come complete with questions that will make it a continuing-education addition. In the fall, we expect to produce John Koshak’s new book, “Maintenance of New Equipment Designs.” Chocked full of field information from a Maintenance Control Plan perspective, this is a book that will be used for many years as new designs of elevator equipment come on line. Also working away is author and columnist, Lee Gray, who will soon complete his next history volume – “Escalators and Moving Walks.” Just over the horizon into 2010 we have a whole raft of new materials that we will be working this fall for publication next spring: Systems Design of Elevators by Phil Andrews and Stefan Kaczmarczyk; Power Packs for Hydraulic Elevators by Dr. Celik and Parag Mehta; and The Wonders of Vertical Transportation by David Cooper, as well as the 2010 Field Employees’ Safety Handbook. Stay tuned – there is always more to come from Elevator World.  If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding new educational materials you would like to see or read, let us know.  In the meantime, don’t forget to visit us online at


Ricia Hendrick, Publisher

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