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There’s a morgue in our office . . . really.  In the publishing industry, a morgue is the term that refers to the room where back issues and other historical references are kept.  It sounds scary, but it’s really no different than any other room in our office, except for the rows and rows of ELEVATOR WORLD magazines.  It is actually quite interesting to look around and see how the magazine has progressed over the past 56 years.


Our first issue, published in January 1953, was a mere 15 pages.  It was comprised of a simple two-color cover design with only black and white pages inside.  A subscription to ELEVATOR WORLD was just US$3.00 per year or .35¢ for a single copy, and it was only available for delivery in the United States.  The magazine grossed a whopping US$334.40 in its first year!

ELEVATOR WORLD magazines – 1953, 1963 & 1973

Just ten years later, the magazine began publishing color advertisements, was 50 pages in length and offered international subscriptions for US$5.00.  As a larger magazine requires a larger budget, the cost of a single copy increased a whole nickel to .40¢.   


1980's - 2000
ELEVATOR WORLD magazine – 1983, 1993 & 2003


As I look back at some of the first issues, I immediately noticed a few advertisers that still do business with us today.  The Peelle Company, G.A.L. Manufacturing Corp. and C.J. Anderson and Company have all stood the test of time right along with ELEVATOR WORLD.  That’s an amazing accomplishment!


As the years passed, the magazine steadily grew in page count, advertisements became full-color, the number of articles increased and the cover displayed amazing color photographs of the projects of the times.  As I continue thinking about the content and progression of our magazine to what it has become today, it is a real eye-opener as to the depth of involvement and meaning it has to this industry.


In this case, the word morgue, usually interpreted negatively, actually has a very positive meaning.  This room holds and illustrates the life, times, events, projects, progression, friendships, news and people of this industry through the pages of ELEVATOR WORLD.  All of this stamped in time, yet timeless. 


We would like to thank all of our subscribers and advertisers for supporting ELEVATOR WORLD over the years and allowing us to continue to bring you interesting articles/news and important topics in the industry.  We encourage anyone who happens to be in the Mobile, AL USA area to stop by our office and take a peek into the elevator industry, now and then.  It’s something to see.

 Now & Then
Now (2009) &  Then (1953) 

 Best — Brad


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