Obey the Rules?

I hope all our readers had a great Thanksgiving! As we continue the holiday season and see increased traffic on our industry’s equipment, maybe we should remember these rules. Designed to teach riders “more about elevator etiquette so that you become a better person and help those around you to have a better day,” this unique website largely offers what should be common sense to the riding public. It also provides a few uncommon etiquette rules that are good to keep in mind, but — to risk being rebellious — I feel that some rules are a little extreme. For example: “Holding the door for someone that is running toward the car is only appropriate when the car is empty or there is consensus among the passengers that it is ok to wait.” I’m sorry, but I’m not going to take votes. When I’m at the control panel, I like to think of the cabin as my own little dictatorship! Is this so wrong? Let us know what you think about this interesting site!


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