One World Trade Center and Strange Sounds

When it gets windy in Lower Manhattan, residents report hearing an eerie, high-pitched sound from the top of One World Trade Center.  This made national news a few months ago when the strange sounds were first reported by residents during Hurricane Sandy and then again in late November.  We all know that high winds can produce weird sounds.  Especially on tall structures.  However, I will let you draw your own conclusions as to what might be the cause by viewing the videos below.

Well, apparently it is not just the Lower Manhattan area that has been experiencing these sounds.  A little research on YouTube produced dozens of videos taken around the world with the same type of sound.  Many of the videos were taken in wooded areas nowhere near tall structures.  I have posted a video compilation of some of them below.  Maybe I should have waited for Halloween to post this video!  Special note:  If there’s something strange in your neighborhood I know who you can call.

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