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Mitsubishi has just finished installing five monster-sized elevators in a building in Osaka, Japan, each capable of carrying 80 people apiece, by Mitsubishi’s measurements, for a total of 11,574 pounds of capacity versus the 1,000 to 6,000 pounds normal elevators carry. According to CBS, these are the largest elevators ever constructed, measuring at 11.15 ft. wide, 9.2 ft. long and 8.5 ft. tall.  These units will be downright spacious when carrying just a handful of passengers.  A soccer game might even break out.

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  1. Actually, there are bigger lifts all over the world, there is one in Art Museum Estonia with capacity: 9200 Kg / 122 Persons (!!!) Its a special lift project from Kleemann Lifts. Cabin dimensions 2800 x 5100 x 3900mm

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