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Escalator Manners

So, what is the proper side to stand on an escalator to let those through that are in a hurry?  In some countries it’s “stand on the left and walk on the right” and in others it’s “stand on the right and walk on the left”!  This would be the same for moving walkways.  We all know not to run on escalators or moving walks for safety reasons but I am sure many of you have all been in a hurry at the airport trying to catch a plane to only have to say “excuse me” on escalators and moving walkways too many times!    Hey, I dont really mind which side you stand on just stay out of the middle!

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  1. As mentioned above “JUST STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE” can also create a problem . if some one stand at right side and the next person stand on left side mean both or out of the middle but the the next person who is in hurry and want to walk on escalator will be stuck as there will be no open straight way to walk.

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